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The Perfection Organization was founded in 2015 by Ashutosh Nama, Who saw need for better services & manufacturing and trading works requirement in our market research.

It is working in the segment of the services like institutions, HR Management, Corporate Segment’s Event Management & as the Fashion and Technology Industry, I.T.(Software Development, Website Development, Web Hosting Services ai. Artificial Intelligence Development, Robotics), Investments Business, Digital Marketing . We are doing our effective work in the various segment of institutions it is as like Hotel Management Certificate Course, Tourism Management Certificate Course, Mass Communication Development in English Certificate Course, Personality Development Courses, Corporate Management Courses, Business Strategy Courses and many more.

Upon close examination into the previous decade of advanced education, it is suitable to state that the best changes have been achieved by the adjustment of innovation. Truth be told, no other single thing has realized such a great amount of progress in such a brief timeframe, and with such positive outcomes. Of these progressions, I have talked about the ones I think have had the most effect. To begin with, would be the accessibility of advanced education to a more prominent dominant part and a significantly more various gathering of people, trailed by the effect innovation has had on school incomes, and in conclusion, the effect it has had on the learning procedure.

Our Educational Organization tries to be recognized as an accomplished supplier of value training at a moderate cost. It is our hypothesis that information and training is a benefit for everyone. We endeavor to motivate understudies to accomplish fabulousness by giving a free, culturally diverse, private, and favorably huge and little scale learning environment. Our association serves an exceedingly novel and socially different understudy body and supports both higher and scholarly progressions and self-improvement among its understudies. We take pride in satisfying the necessities of every person and the nations from which they start from. This is accomplished by:

Providing moderate quality instruction in the Asian and American or European Union.
Developing social partnerships which furnish our understudies with preference in higher and scholarly capabilities.

Creating a learning domain which urges people to accomplish their maximum capacity by securing the information and vital aptitudes for an effective profession.
Understanding the social contrasts and advancing correspondence and seeing in this manner helping understudies change in accordance with their new learning environment.

Provide bolster for their future attempts, regardless of whether it is proceeding with their reviews or looking for work in their nations of origin or the Asian and American or European Union. Updating projects and administrations to keep pace with the worldwide monetary advancements.




Thank you for your interest in The Perfection Educational Institutions. Since 2016 we have provided unique educational programs to generations of students, dedicating ourselves to making a difference in the lives of Mississippi families. Our committed faculty and staff believe that with an individualized and encouraging learning environment, each student is capable of greatness.

At The Perfection Educational Institutions we believe that there is no “one size fits all” in education. We focus on the humanization of learning – that is, our curriculum for grades 10-12 is uniquely tailored with the individual student in mind. Each student benefits from a personalized educational plan that caters to his or her needs, interests, and abilities.

Our students are encouraged to challenge themselves by actively participating in the learning process. Instead of giving up because of what they do not know, they learn to ask themselves what they do know. When their first reaction is toward success rather than failure, they can then reach their highest level of academic achievement.

We encourage you to browse our website, including our Media Gallery and promotional video. Visit us on Facebook. Come tour our campus, observe our classrooms, and meet our counselor, administrators, and faculty. Let us show you how The Perfection Educational Institutions can make a difference in your child’s life.



The The Perfection Educational Institutions began humbly in one boy’s living room. During his years as a teacher, Ashutosh Nama AKA Nicket Nama discovered that a smaller classroom setting, which in turn led to more individualized instruction, greatly improved his students’ learning experience, particularly those with exceptional needs. In 2015 he began opening the doors of his home to tutor children with a variety of learning differences. his work with these children helped him develop an understanding of the value of a structured yet personalized educational plan for all students.

Mr. Nama tutoring venture was such a great success that he expanded, eventually opening The The Perfection Educational Institutions for grades 10-12 at its present location on Shankar Main Road in the Keshoraipatan district of Bundi. Over the years he continued to lead and inspire others in the fields of special education and non-traditional schooling with His wisdom, humor, and love of teaching.

Today, Mr. Vaibahv Saini, our present training director, follows in his trainer trailblazing footsteps. His shared dedication to the humanization of learning continues to make a difference in the lives of new generations of students.


Our Vision

It is our vision to provide our students with the foundation for becoming confident, productive adults capable of the leadership and innovation necessary in our ever-changing society. We aim to make a difference in all of our students’ lives by respecting and celebrating their unique individualities and empowering them with the knowledge that there are no limits to what they can accomplish.


Our Mission

We assist students in reaching their maximum potential by actively engaging them in the learning process. Each student participates in the creation of a personalized education plan built around his or her needs, interests, and abilities that addresses his or her ultimate concerns. Faculty, staff and other supportive stakeholders follow this plan to develop the student’s personal sense of purpose, enhance students’ strengths, correct their deficiencies, encourage their emotional well-being, and emphasize the development of character, citizenship, and universal values.


Admission to our Institution

With our rolling admissions policy, we accept new students at any time during the Institute year in grades 10-12. We invite you to call or e-mail to set up an appointment to speak with us about your child.

During your appointment, we will meet with you to:

  • Learn more about you and your child’s interests, needs, and institution history
  • Prepare an analysis of your child’s transcript
  • Develop options and goals for your child’s educational plan
  • Tour the school and meet our students, faculty, and other institution team members who will be guiding your child
  • Provide you with all materials necessary for enrollment

Our students are the most valuable asset of The Perfection Educational Institutions l and we look forward to visiting with you!



Our Campus-

Our institution is centrally located in the KeshoraiPatan, H.Q. Kota, in the Bundi ,Kota District. The present institution facility was built on A-1, Agrasen Colony, Dadabari, Kota, 2017. The building was designed for ease of movement through the passages and corridors and with structural components to keep students from being distracted. The main building houses the administrative offices, conference room, library, and elementary classes. The secondary building houses all secondary classrooms, meeting room, and kitchen. The building is constantly updated and improved to provide a safe environment for our students and faculty.

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